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Bloge Salming Video


The subject of this video came up last night at the Loose Moose, and it tuns out a bunch of people haven't seen this. You will not regret clicking this link.

Can Damien Cox Hear Us?


Here's an article that looks at Burke's additions to the brain trust and what steps they have taken to improve the front office including the hiring of new scouting staff. Basically, it's the article we've been clamouring for over the past decade or so.

The End of the World is Imminent


Damien Cox has provided his prediction for the 2009-2010 Maple Leafs. You can guess by the title what he said will happen but click through to find out some more 'realities' from our favourite mittenstringer.

Motivated Maple Leafs


An actually readable piece from the Cox on the abundance of players the Leafs have on the final year of their contracts. Could personal motivation gives us a few career years to ride to the playoffs? (!!!1)

How Pat Quinn's Firing Was Received


On the heels of the most successful Leafs' coach in recent history being hired by the Oilers David Staples takes a look at how the media reported on the event. It is certainly interesting to compare and contrast some writers' (cough COX cough) condemnation of JFJ with their future empathy.

Are The Coyotes Like the '83 Blues?


As an effort to highlight quality writing in the traditional media I want to post this interesting article by Damien Cox comparing the current Coyotes' situation to the proposed Saskatoon Blues. The outcome should give hope to those that want to see the 'Yotes survive. For a more detailed look at the story check out this post from St. Louis Game Time about that colourful period in NHL history.

Damien Cox is on Twitter


So are we actually (@mlse). It's one more step for Cox from reporter to blogger (and vlogger!). He responds about as often as he does to the comments on his blog but he has to read what you write him which lets you have some fun with him: DamoSpin: Gorgeous here today. Otherwise dude with too much cologne in Starbucks line loudly talking relationships on cell would have made me insane mlse@DamoSpin: So Feschuk's a Starbucks man?

Cox Tries His Hand At The Fake Twitter Craze


Wow. Firstly, it's just painfully unfunny. On top of that, even though he's writing it for ESPN he still gets his digs in at the Leafs. And he doesn't even credit DGB for giving him the idea!

Berger Must Be Stopped.


What an asshole.

Toronto Sun: Leafs and Murder


Anyone with a functioning brain and two eyes knows in their gut that the Sun's covers are predictably dire and embarrassingly bad (McKlutz? McGloomy? McCrappy Paper). Here's a site dedicated to mocking the Sun and a word cloud that looks at their favourite cover topics. The original post is from last April but he's back in the groove again. glove tap to Torontoist.

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