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JFJ Regresses?

The scary thing in that Kenny Campbell article is not that Lindros is likely going to make more than he should it is that JFJ might be looking to undo all the goodwill (small as it may be) that he had built up through his summer moves by re-signing Jason Allison.

Sure, the glacier-paced penalty shots could maybe deceive you (eventually they have to go in right?) and maybe JFJ is afraid that the Leafs won't be able to replace the 60 points that he picked up last year. But after watching the playoffs (surely JFJ did this) and seeing that the emphasis is on speed why would we sign the SLOWEST player in the league! A couple of years ago Shanahan skated off the ice on a broken ankle quicker than I have ever seen Allison move. And do not even get me started on that damned 'Who Me?' face he makes after every penalty called against him! (Interesting note: during last season they were replaying some classic World Junior games and in the lockout 1995 tourney he was on the team and made THE EXACT SAME FACE!) I could punch that stupid face every time I see it on tv. AND HE WAS -18!! Even Antro found a way to be + 13.

Here is the best line from that article:

In the 16 games that Allison was out of the lineup, Sundin scored 14 goals and 29 points, was plus-9 and averaged 3.75 shots per game. In the 54 games he and Allison played together, Sundin scored 17 goals and 49 points, was minus-2 and averaged 2.96 shots per game.

How can you sign a guy with all of those flaws, who shackles your best player, and will (with the signing of Mike Peca and maybe even without) shunt one of your young centres (stajan and wellwood) out to the wing? JFJ what the fuck are you thinking?

Update (July 15, 2006)
It looks like this will turn out to just be a little hiccup and all is well,

Interest in Allison, meanwhile, appears to be waning, largely because other hockey people in the organization are beginning to have some success in talking Ferguson out of signing him.

Good thing I lit all of those candles at church. Thank God.