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HockeyBuzz Buzzing? is reporting a rumour that local boy Anson Carter will be signing a two year deal with the Leafs. Last year he flourished with 33-22-55 (except a -1) playing with the Sedins so playing with a real Swedish player will hopefully increase his production. This would probably end any chance of Peca signing unless JFJ starts moving some players to clear cap space. More to come...
Update (July 14, 2006)
Eklund over at is now reporting that the Canucks have decided that trying to keep a winger that can actually play with the aliens is a good idea while the Red Wings are trying to replace Shanny on the wing. This could lead to a bidding war which does not suit the Leafs at this point especially considering that they are close to a deal with Peca. Unfortunately, back-loading deals does not work since the salary cap figure is the average salary.

It will be interesting to see who the Leafs end up signing considering that Kenny Campbell wrote today that Lindros is close to a deal in the $1M neighbourhood (as opposed to the $750K one in which he was previously residing) but Eklund has his going out west to one of Edmonton, LA, Calgary, or Phoenix.

In an ideal scenario, Lindros would sign and play all year like he did while Mats was out and Peca would use his playoff form from last year as his regular season form. Also, Carter would sign for $450K just to play in Toronto. More likely, I get the feeling that Carter will get paid by Vancouver (he is looking for $8-9M/3yrs) Lindros will take a pay cut and Peca will get sorted out. Hopefully. Go JFJ.