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Who is Eklund?
This is a new site for me and this Eklund guy is apparently much like Homer Simpson's Mr. X. He has tonnes of rumours and usually they are wrong (see Lindros/Carter Rumours).

However, here is another guess of his: Peca AND Carter signing with Toronto is "Entirely Possible". I know, be still my heart. The fun part of this rumour is going to the comments section and seeing deluded Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, and Buffalo fans calling Leafs fans deluded. The best '' comment comes courtesy of buffalo(who joined the website TODAY), Apparently in order to get this dig in: (my replies to this clown in bold)

I live in Montreal as well but I love the Sabres...been a fan of them since 1973 (clearly this is a lie since only 14 year old girls use more ellipses than this guy)...but one thing I will say is that Montreal fans (and Buffalo the games I went to at HSBC they say more than; hit him...hit him!! (this is actually funny because my buddy yells this at the TV a lot), like all Leafs fans only say as they pile down beer after beer!), management and overall history is 10 times better in Montreal than Toronto (yeah, the Leafs fans at games are a bit quiet during the regular season since it's very corporate but I have been to all three rinks during the playoffs and the Gillette Centre and Alphabet Arena do not hold a candle to the ACC in terms of noise. Also, ten times? when did montreal win their 130th cup? I know I know, 24-13 is a big gap but that 24 is not going to get bigger for a LONG time)...the Leafs are not even close to winning a cup right now (Montreal is also nowhere near being close)...not since 1993..why would any veteran want to go there?? (more teenage drivel) least in Montreal it's guaranteed that they will win the cup again...just because their the Canadiens!! (they are closing in on matching their all-time dryspell. And 13 can easily snowball into 40)...the Leafs would have to get Dave Keon out of retirement (my all time favorite Leaf) just to make the playoffs! (stupid Montreal fan, Keon HATES the Leafs)...JFJ is a laughing stock out here in Montreal, do you think the Habs would ever hire this guy to run them?? (No, they would let Rejean Houle trade Patrick Roy away for nothing, ok, Jocelyn Thibault)...Gainey is a good hockey man and will most likely take Montreal back to a Stanley Cup again within 3-4 and learn Toronto (I will be taking notes but 3-4 years sound optimistic at best, deluded at worst),....and I am saying this as a fan who would cheer for the Leafs to beat the Habs if it came right down to it, butwould not be sad if the Leafs lost.. as for my beloved Sabres, we already have a championship team (speaking of delusion)...all we have to do is sign them, and go through the motions of playing out another year of regular season games before it will happen (Too late. bye bye McKee and Grier, arbitration for Briere? Looks like that dynasty is not going to last too long)...the Sabres have never in their history had a team like this (yes, that is true. Buffalo has never had a Stanley Cup winning team since they entered the league in 1970. Wait, that is pretty close to 1967. Hmm, I guess that whole people in glass houses thing applies), so if I was Peca...where do you think I would want to play?? Toronto or Buffalo/Montreal? (Buffalo's recent history includes missing the playoffs three of the past four years. The best that Montreal has been able to achieve in the past seven seasons are two upsets over the brittle Bruins and four seasons out of the playoffs. Suddenly, making two conference finals out of six playoff appearances in seven years seems a lot better. Also, there is that pesky hometown team thing that drives other fans insane.)

Well there you have it. Idiot fans abound both in Leafs Nation (maybe if we start calling someone the Evil Empire our streak will end) and in insert team name Nation. However, why do the others always have to turn everything into an anti-Leafs rant? It is almost as if they are more anti-Leafs than pro-Their Team (I am looking at you sens nation).

Personally, I will reiterate my request to JFJ to sign Peca. Carter is a bonus but Peca would be gold.