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Sportsnet Angers Me

I think that the powers that be at Sportsnet might not read what I write. It is a sneaking suspicion, so to speak. Otherwise, this would not have been done to viewers. My vacation has hindered my posting but here's some humour for you: Kypreos' Sportsnet Bio.

Some highlights:

Most of the time, professional athletes have problems adjusting from the limelight to the twilight, when they retire.

Limelight? that kind of implies some sort of fame for his abilities. It is not really the word that describes a career that over nine seasons averaged five-four-nine (always write out single digit numbers) and 49 games played (complete stats here).

I have many great memories from my time as a professional.

Considering that Kypreos is more famous for the way his career ended you would not think that he would have many memories left. Maybe the guys at Sportsnet put together highlight reels to remind him about the past like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates.

A teammate of mine once mentioned that I could 'talk a pit bull off a meat wagon.' I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or not, but what I am sure of is that I can't get enough of talking hockey.

I am guessing that this is another muddled memory like thinking that he was ever in the limelight. His teammate probably meant that he argued like a demented bulldog and was a meatheaded idiot. But I am just reading between the lines. Also, I can definitely get enough of this thick skulled neanderthal talking shit (read: hockey). Hopefully multi-year means two and he is gone before that. God help us.