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The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

The Good
This page has a lot of faith in local boy Jeff O'Neill. I have pegged him for big things this year after a tumultuous season in 2005-2006. Apparently, Paul Maurice thinks that he can get more out of him as well. While some players need to be coddled it appears that Jeff needs constant feedback which Maurice is willing to provide. His fitness is up as are his spirits and maybe a return to centre will revive his sagging career.

The Bad
Brendan Bell, the victim of a vicious Dany Heatley slash Sunday night, might be out for a while with a fracture in his foot. The initial tests were inconclusive but it is not hard to imagine that a two-handed tomahawk slash might have broken something. As it stands, JFJ has started the push for a suspension and I will third it (Mirtle seconded it). It was a vicious play and any Leaf would be looking at a minimum of four games. Colin Campbell cannot ignore this dirty play like he did Bozo's hit from behind.

Update: Looks like those bastard sens are going to get away with hurting ANOTHER Maple Leaf. Good to see that Colin Campbell is in mid-season form already. I would hate to think that the might have not screwed up a disciplinary incident until December. Thankfully, that moron has allayed my fears.

The Funny
Apparently, not all Kazakhs hate Borat. Personally, I love Borat and cannot wait to see his movie. Hopefully, the Kazakh government's lawsuit does not derail the film but it sounds like Borat is on board.