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Serenity Now!

Wanted: Editor
Now, I know from message boards that the Anti-Leafs brigade can get confused fairly quickly. Our good friend War (Damien Cox) is no exception. At first I thought that his latest post was some elaborate joke. Then I realized that April is about seven months away.

War goes from suggesting that the Leafs keep three goalies:

But until the Maple Leafs are sure they have a bona fide starter, doesn't it make sense for them to keep all the goalies they can get their hands on?

To blaming his poor performance last year, in part, to having two backups waiting for him to slip up:

Yes, having Hannu Toivonen and Tim Thomas in and out of the lineup even when Raycroft was healthy didn't create a stable working environment.

Back to wanting the Leafs to create THE EXACT SAME ENVIRONMENT!:

So let Raycroft establish himself and get comfortable. Once that has taken place, then it will be time to choose between Aubin and Tellqvist.

Maybe The Star needs another editor to read over the associate sports editors work before he puts it online and embarrasses himself. Just a thought.

50th Post
I am actually impressed that I was able to keep this up for this long so I will celebrate the mini-milestone with a special post: The Origins of Pension Plan Puppets. This weekend, learn the story behind the blog.