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Survivor: Toronto's Blue Line

No, this year does not feature an ethnic divide but rather a health divide. As in, the healthy players will start the season and the injured guys will have to wait for their chance. Thanks to bad ice (Kronwall) and two ottawa senators the Leafs D will be made up of Tomas Kaberle, Bryan McCabe, Pavel Kubina, Hal Gill, Ian White, Jay Harrison, and Andy Wozniewski.

Bell, the victim of a Dany Heatley lumberjack attack, is out of commission for at least 5-6 days until further tests can reveal the extent of the damage suffered when he was confused for a tree. Right now they think it is a bruise and that he'll be out three weeks but I have also read that there is damage to the 'structure' of the foot. Whatever that means.

Carlo, the victim of a pick by Vaclav Varada, has recovered from his concussion but is suffering from headaches because of all of the hard work that Maurice has had the team do during training camp. He's been out since day one so a stint with the Marlies to get up to speed is not out of line.

Staffan Kronwall, who sprained his right ankle sliding into the boards, is out for at least three weeks. Same for Kronwall, time with the Marlies to get up to speed and if any of the three up do not perform then he will get his chance

UPDATE: Looks like Heatley will be getting off with a verbal warning from the perennially inept Colin Campbell. Hopefully, Colin will agree that Tucker was aiming for Heatley's stick when he breaks his hand on October 4th. Just kidding, I do not condone revenge but apparently Campbell wants to encourage it. Idiot.