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Colon Campbell Punishes Leafs

Yes, his name is technically spelt incorrectly but this way makes more sense seeing as he has his head up his ass once again. A scant week ago Colon was defending Dany Heatley's right to swing his stick wildly noting his lack of past history and a lack of intent on the senator's part. A suspension would have been a boon for the Leafs as they face ottawa in their first two games. Instead, it is the Leafs that will be missing two defencemen.

Today, pro sport's world discipline czar is expected to hand Leafs rearguard Pavel Kubina a one game suspension for an incident in last night's pre-season game against the Red Wings. For those of you that do not get LeafsTV the incident in question was a cross-check to Jiri Hudler's chin. Now before you say 'A CROSS-CHECK TO THE CHIN! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!' keep in mind that you probably did not see the play, it was as close to a love tap as you will ever see on the ice, and was used to keep Hudler from continuing his shoving. Not to mention that while Bell will start the season on the injured reserve Hudler stayed out to start the five minute powerplay.

I guess in this case Colon could tell that Kubina's intent was to hurt Hudler even though he did not and did not even come close. I wonder what he though Heatley was trying to do when he started a swing at his shoulder and followed through Bell's ankle? probably assumed he was going for a pokecheck.

Colon does not like to have his decisions criticized so Kubina was probably the wrong guy to victimize.

Update: Kubina will miss opening night. Jay Harrison will take his place.