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Cross Border Theft

Tonight a record held by the almost great Leafs team of 1992-1994 could come one step closer to returning across the Peace Bridge to Buffalo. Cox points out the historical balance of the record possibly reverting from Toronto to the team that originally stole it from us. Looking at the intervals in which we have shared the record I feel comfortable predicting that after 41, 18, and 13 seasons between moves that the record (if broken) will return to the Leafs in 12 seasons or less. I cannot wait until the 2018-2019 campaign and our 12 game winning streak!

The sad thing is that in Gary Bettman's rush to label all things post-lockout an improvement over the past the new record will be allowed to stand on its own merits sans asterisk despite three victories coming by way of the shootout. In the old days, the Leafs had to win the game in the first 65 minutes. Although, if there had of been shootouts then there is no doubt that the Leafs would not have made it to 10 straight wins before losing one.

On the bright side, Montreal's star defenceman Janne Niinimaa is guaranteeing a victory. That's pretty bold coming from a guy that will most likely snap his neck in the first period while trying to follow the white streaks going past him.

Update: The Habs failed to stop the Sabres as they fell 4-1.