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Results Comparison I: After 10 Games

Equivalent Fixtures

Total points from equivalent games last season: 8
Goals For: 27
Goals Against: 38
Goal Difference: -11

Total points this season: 11 (+3)
Goals For: 33 (+6)
Goals Against: 36 (-2)
Goal Difference: -3 (-8)

Game Number Comparison

After 10 Games Last Season

Points: 12
Total Goals For (TGF): 40
Total Goals Against (TGA): 34
Goal Differential (GD): +6
Even-Strength Goals For (ESGF): 17
Even-Strength Goals Against (ESGA): 21
Power Play Goals (PPG): 20
Power Play Attempts (PPA): 67
Power Play Percentage (PP%): 29.85%
Successful Penalty Kills (SPK): 54
Penalty Kill Attempts (PKA): 64
Penalty Kill Percentage (PK%): 85.71%
Short-handed Goals For (SHGF): 2
Short-handed Goals Against (SHGA): 2

After 10 Games This Season

Points: 11 (-1)
Total Goals For (TGF): 33 (-7)
Total Goals Against (TGA): 36 (+2)
Goal Differential (GD): -3 (-9)
Even-Strength Goals For (ESGF): 23 (+6)
Even-Strength Goals Against (ESGA): 23 (+2)
Power Play Goals (PPG): 7 (-13)
Power Play Attempts (PPA): 51 (-16)
Power Play Percentage (PP%): 13.73% (-16.12%)
Successful Penalty Kills (SPK): 41 (-13)
Penalty Kill Attempts (PKA): 50 (-14)
Penalty Kill Percentage (PK%): 82.00% (3.71%)
Short-handed Goals For (SHGF): 2 (/)
Short-handed Goals Against (SHGA): 1 (-1)

The powerplay numbers are skewed a bit by the 9-1 Atlanta game that saw the Leafs go 7-16 with the extra man/men. However, you can see that this year's team is depending a bit less on the powerplay to create offence. The team has become, when they play, a much harder opponent 5-on-5 as evidenced by the even goal differential compared to a 4 goal deficit last year at even strength. The penalty kill had actually reached a level of improvement over last year but the last two games knocked it down to below last season's. The encouraging sign is that the Leafs have averaged just over one penalty a game less which shows that they are adapting much better to the new standard of officiating.