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Round Four

Any Leaf fan can tell you that Chad Kilger is one of the hardest working and cleanest players on the team. Since his arrival off waivers from Montreal he has seemingly found a home in Toronto. That is why Tuesday's 'roughing' penalty was a bit of a surprise. Here is the best explanation I have seen for what happened:

With one mighty spear to Christoph Schubert's nether region, the Maple Leafs' Chad Kilger provided an answer to an age-old hockey question. The Ottawa Senators do have cojones after all.

He was trying to find out if the sens have a pair. It's long been suspected that they lack something (see: Playoffs, Chokes in) in their makeup but according to Schubert they always have their boys with them:

I was falling down and the next thing I see, I just got a stick in my two lovely friends.

Here's hoping that Chad doesn't try to see if the sens do, in fact, have hearts. That could be messy.

Tough Talk

There has been a lot of rhetoric flowing from the capital since Tuesday and most of it is coming from ottawa's tough guys Chris Neil and Brian McGrattan. Neil is under the impression that Tucker purposefully chose a guy that had not fought since he was 16 (he's only 22 now) instead of the first senator that actually stepped up to fight him (Fisher did a lot of hacking and slashing, Neil's specialty, but no actual fighting) and now he wants revenge:

If we have a chance to finish checks on him, we'll do it. But we won't do it cheap, we'll do it the right way.

I wonder if by 'right' way he means the 'senators' way. Look out Darcy, you're in store for some stickwork and hits from behind!

McGrattan added:

Going after a guy that's never fought before, I'd just never do it. There's plenty of guys that do that. Tucker's not the only one.

and that is true, McGrattan has fought within his weight class, he has largely gotten drilled, but he does not fight newcomers to the game. Neil, on the other hand, counts such noted pugilists as Nolan Yonkman, Radovan Somik, and Mike Commodore as dance partners. I am guessing we will probably see more chirping and slashing after the whistle than fighting out of Christina.