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Stats Are a Fan's Best Friend

Sick and tired of trying to hunt down last night's stats? Are you in a pool and need better information? or are you just a fan that wants to see the bigger picture?

Now hockey fans have a new first stop in the morning in their search for statistics the hockey recap. James Mirtle has a bit of background on the site and here are Gary Cohen's words:
Hockey-Recap produces a 1-page report (for free) on a daily basis which includes the previous day's statistics, leaders and other important elements such as standings, transactions, injuries and quite a bit more. There are also pages for all players which include game by game extended stats for 2006-2007 and will soon have career stats. You can subscribe to the site and receive a copy of the report in your email each morning or you can simply visit the site. There will be enhancements to the site every week.

Gary is taking suggestions on how to improve the site so check it out, provide some feedback, and enjoy the quickest recap of the night's action.