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Looking Forward

I am almost done my third installment in the Results Comparison series. After this lamentable run of ineptness the Leafs are in much worse shape than they were at the same point last year. Of course, this is because last year's swoon came in January and February when there was less time to make up the gap. This season still has 51 games and 102 points available to the boys in blue and white with which to make up their single digit deficit. Of course, each game that this streak lasts is one less left in which to get themselves going.

Naturally, War has written a ton of stuff nailing the Leafs and Don Cherry (think Ms. Cox is upset about getting embarrassed on Coach's Corner earlier in the year?) and Famine plagiarized two of Bitter Leaf's posts. Good work you clowns.

Anyway, the Leafs face the Lightning tonight and Carlo will be in the lineup. That means that Encino Man will not be playing defence. Thank God. Feel free to post in-game thoughts in the comments. Hopefully, they will be along the lines of 'wow, good to see the Leafs playing hockey again' and not 'KILL THE LEAFS!'.