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Leafs 4 v. Wild 3: LeafsTV Blackout

Game Recap

Unfortunately, I do not have LeafsTV anymore and going to the Cineplex to watch it was not an option either so it was a night of refreshing the page for updates. The Leafs, for once, took advantage of their opponent's weakness, in this case a horrific road record, to escape with a win.

As has been the case, and will be in the future, getting the bounces and a tighter defensive effort were the keys to victory. The Leafs held the Wild to 21 shots and got lucky goals from Mats Sundin, who banked a cross-ice pass in off Manny Fernandez, and Alex Steen who banged home a puck that rebounded off the boards. The Swedes were reunited in this game and saw 14 minutes of ice-time including the PP and PK. [Note: This would have looked even more prescient if I had posted it at the time of the game but my unwavering belief in Steen was rewarded against Boston (in the future! from when I started writing this.) tonight, January 4th.]

With Ponikarovsky, Antropov, Wellwood, Peca, and Tucker, who blocked a shot and suffered some swelling/bruising that will cost him games, out the fourth liners and Steen, Stajan, Kilger, and O'Neill have to step up in the same way that they did in this game for the Leafs to remain in the playoff hunt.