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Officially Endorsed by Stephen Harper

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A big thank you to Mirtle for pointing out that the Canadian government's site has taken a look at hockey blogs to try to explain 'Canadian Culture'. Yours truly made the list of Leaf sites but I had to laugh at the disclaimer:

Seeing that emotions can sometimes run high, some sites may contain provocative and inappropriate language for children, so parents and sensitive fans should be warned, particularly when accessing fan sites.
Considering that I follow the Leafs it is a testament to my self-restraint that this site does not contain anything remotely inappropriate. At all.

In other news, thanks to Zanstorm for giving Leaf fans everywhere another reason to love Rachel McAdams; she's a Leaf fan. I bet she was saying that O'Neill and Steen should be on Mats' wings. Talk about a complete package.

Here is the co-star of Wayne's World, Tia Carrere, in a Leafs jersey. And don't forget her co-star Mike Myers. The Leafs are like the Lakers of the NHL.