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Welcome Home Travis!

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This is old news that somehow was at the top of the BoO site before TSN even had it on the front page. How are people supposed to complain about the Toronto Sports Network if they are slacking in giving any scrap of Leafs content top billing.

Travis Green, formerly of the Western Conference Anaheim Ducks, is a known quantity in LeafLand as this will be his second tour of duty with the buds. Previously, he was one of the three musketeers, Corson and Tucker were the others, that played a big part in making the Leafs difficult to play against. He consistently brought a bit of sandpaper to the lineup, killed penalties, was a strong in the face-off circle, and added some timely scoring. According to Bill Watters on Sportsnet, he was a good influence in the dressing room and he should be able to impart some wisdom to the young and inexperienced forward corps.

Considering how tight the Leafs are against the cap, or at least how tight they would be if everyone was healthy, this is a good move by JFJ. Green is a known quantity and is an NHL veteran. Right away the Leafs will be better having him in the lineup instead of another AHLer. His grittiness helps to decrease the sandpaper deficit that Toronto was suffering. It's ironic that when I was watching the December 30th Ottawa game Green's name came up as a player that in the past would not have allowed the sens' shenanigans to go unchecked. He will also help fill Peca's shoes in the face off department and in killing penalties.

There is no doubt that this is a short-term solution but as far as that goes it is a strong move by JFJ. The next question will be how he will deal with Sundin and Tucker.