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Leafs 2 v. Islanders 3 (SO): Pissed Away

Last season the Leafs had a 3-7 OT/SO record and they missed the playoffs by two points. This year the Leafs have 8 OT/SO losses. If the Leafs miss the playoffs then their goaltender's inability to stop penalty shots (12 saves on 20 shots) or the team's inability to score them will once again be the difference between a playoff run or running from the scorn of their fans. Antro and Poni are pet projects of mine but those were two terrible penalty shots. Why not use Kaberle more often after his sick deke against Aebischer? Or use Ian White? Just switch it up for the love of God.

Leafs are in 10th on goal differential but the Habs lost thanks to Eddie Belfour's shutout. Thanks Eddie! Could have used a couple more of those last year. But thanks anyway Eddie, give yourself a billion dollars.

I think habsgood of my new favourite site summed up the two games best:
What a beautiful loose. they go to special training to loose like this.
A special loose indeed.