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Leafs 4 v. Flyers 2: Fortuitous Scratch

Game Recap

I missed this game but it sure sounded like a doozy on the radio. Between the warm-up and the opening face-off Peter Forsberg got trade to the Nashville Predators. Mirtle has a pretty good take on the trade. Not that it affects the Leafs unless they play the Predators in the final. Boy, would I be upset if that happened now.

Anyway, onto the game itself. The Leafs chased Michael Leighton with 3 first period goals off of the sticks of Carlo Colaiacovo, Jeff O'Neill, and Nik 'everybody hates' Antropov. The Leafs got into some penalty trouble and almost managed to let Philly all the way back but a fourth from Mats was enough to deliver the win and move the Leafs into the 8th and final playoff spot.

Considering the Leafs' dads were in attendance as part of a take your dad to work program I would assume that the flight back to Toronto had a lot of 'DAD! did you see when I hit the Flyer?" "DAD! did you see when I made that pass and it was almost a goal?". Maybe their presence inspired them. Well that or a desire to not get a timeout in front of the other kids.

After a long hiatus...

The Final Word
Andrew Raycroft started his 19th straight game, running his record in that span to 11-5-3. He was at his best in the third, when the Flyers outshot Toronto 16-3.
Razor keeps improving as the Leafs move up the table. Is there a way to play the remaining schedule on the road?