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Last Week in the Playoff Race

Here is a look back at the week that was in the Eastern Conference playoff race. The standings below are the ones to which we awoke on Monday morning. Tomorrow, I'll have a look at the week ahead.

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With the Leafs' running mates winning at will only picking up 4 of 6 points from the top two teams in the East cost them a spot in the standings. The Leafs' destiny is still very much in their own hands as they have games left against all of the teams in the battle except for Tampa Bay and with a season sweep under their belt the Leafs certainly wish they had them on the schedule.

Toronto - Devils (2-1 W), @ Buffaslugs (4-5 L), Buffaslugs (4-1 W) = 4 PTS

Tampa Bay - Islanders (3-4 OT), Devils (3-1 W), senators (2-7 L) = 4 PTS

Carolina - Capitals (4-3 W), Sharks (6-4 W) = 4 PTS

Montreal - Bruins (1-0 W), @ Bruins (6-3 W), Saturday Capitals (4-1 W) = 6 PTS

NY Rangers - Penguins (2-1 W), Flyers (5-0 W), @ Bruins (2-1 SO), @ Islanders (2-1 OT) = 8 PTS

NY Islanders - @ Lightning (3-4 OT), Penguins (3-1 W), @ Flyers (4-3 W), Rangers (1-2 OT) = 6 PTS