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A New Home

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It is my distinct pleasure to announce that yours truly will be the latest blogger to begin writing for SportsBlog Nation. In their infinite wisdom they have decided to allow me the exposure to a larger audience. It will continue to be called Pension Plan Puppets (until I vanquish the OTPP) except now I get my own URL(!), a funny logo (or an obvious one if you want to be a jerk about it), and the tools to build a community for Leaf fans.

The main tool at my disposal will be JFJ. Just kidding. It's what SB Nation calls a diary which in essence allows members (sign up!) to carry some of the conversation by writing their own blog posts. A more complete explanation and some guidelines can be found in the easy to follow post "Where Am I and What Do I Do Here?".

Any good site is more of a conversation than a sermon from the pulpit so I hope that you'll stop by, sign up, and join in the discussion.