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Belak To The Rescue!

It goes without saying (although I said it a lot) but last night's game was an embarrassment. However, it looks like the message has been received.

Anton Stralman and Simon Gamache both received call-ups from the Leafs and Wade 'Encino Man' Belak has been promised that he will be playing. Although, for some reason it seems that Kris Newbury is being slated for punishment despite there being many more deserving options (Wozniewski, Tucker).

According to the article, the lines in practice today were as follows:

Blake - Sundin - Steen
Ponikarovsky - Antropov - Devereaux
Tucker - Stajan - Gamache
Kilger - Pohl - Belak

Assuming that Stralman isn't just getting jerked around and Maurice is actually as irate with at least one of his defencemen as he should be then the lines could look as follows:

Kaberle - Kubina
McCabe - Stralman
Gill - White

I am of course assuming that Andy Wozniewski will be the one to catch the most flak for last night's debacle.

Yes, it is only the 4th game of the year but Maurice needs to remind this team at every turn that no one's job or ice-time is guaranteed.

As for the goalies, this will be the true test of whether Toskala is the # 1 or if Maurice is truly running a platoon. Toskala was strong in net until the rest of the team quit on him and even then he made some great saves. If Raycroft gets the start then that to me would be a clear indication that Mo was going with the hot-hand or the least-not-hot as it were.