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Toronto Maple Leafs 4 v. Pittsburgh Penguins 6

Oh brother. I was in Kingston this weekend trying my hardest to not get arrested. Not mentioned in the article is the ridiculously high percentage of those arrests and tickets that come from non-Queen's related participants. Although, while they mention that London has problem's with their homecoming it's clear that partying and ruckus-raising is one more thing that Queen's does better than Western.

As for the game, McCabe is terrible. Along with a handful of minors (all of the stupid variety) he managed to show his complete lack of hockey sense on two of the Pens' goals most notably the tap in by Talbot in which McCabe did a good job of doing half a can opener without ever tying up Talbot's stick. Anyone that has ever played a game of shinny knows that if you are not able (or fast enough) to hit a forward you can shut him down by LIFTING HIS STICK. Why can't McCabe learn that?

Who did The Star decide to shit on? Kris Newbury.

Toskala was gererally great and the goals were mostly the fault of shoddy defending. Antropov was amazing again and the prospect of the lanky Kazakh playing an entire year means that he might prove what his defenders have been saying about him all along. Blake finally broke his goose-egg.

This year's theme will be remarkably similar to last year's: Terrible defensive coverage. They get it right some shifts and incredibly wrong on others. It's like they have selective amnesia.

Anyway, another barnburner with the Pens which the Leafs eventually lost. Good to see 2 more points thrown away considering the narrow margins that have seen the Leafs relegated to the golf course in April the past two seasons.

The Other End of the Rink

Jason Blake celebrates because he's put off his car's tired being sliced by a Leafs fan for at least another week.