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Bell Ends SABH

JFJ's best acquisition ever (for the tabloid-like Sun) will, according to reports, be reinstated from Stage 2 of the Substance Abuse and Behavioural Health Programn on the recommendation of the program's doctors.

This means that Mark Bell will be eligible to face the ottawa senators. Of course, it won't be tomorrow night. The earliest he'll be able to crack the lineup will be for the November 6th matchup after he has served his 15 game suspension.

Whether he is in the lineup is difficult to gauge considering he was unable to play in any of the pre-season games while Chris Simon was allowed to despite mistaking Ryan Hollweg for a pinata. After the first 10 games of the season it will be much easier to judge where Bell might fit into the lineup especially considering he will be even further behind the rest of the squad in terms of match fitness.