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Tucker Injured

Darcy Tucker's injured. At least it will make things easier to work Mark Bell back into the lineup. If only Wozniewski could pick up a third straight early season injury.

Tucker had actually seemed to be on his way to playing well consistently after starting the season with 4 forgettable performances. I am thinking back on the play but I can't remember an instance when Tucker could have picked up the injury. Since it was his knee I would guess that Jim Vandermeer probably injured him.

I do remember his bloody mouth on the bench but since the Blackhawks didn't get any penalties he must have just bitten his lip. The injury is unspecified and he is out indefinitely which in Leafs' Medical Team parlance means that he has probably torn his ACL/MCL and will be out for the season. Just guessing but those guys are not exactly coverting themselves in glory lately.