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Damien Cox is Evil, Terrible Writer

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In crazy Toronto media news, Damien Cox thinks that fans should boo the MLSE suits and not the players. Why can't we boo both? I'll leave it to the boys at CoxBloc to really shred that piece of fuzzy logic but quickly, Cox should just make up his mind. Cox shifts blame among the various parties of the Toronto Maple Leafs like a major corporation trying to hide profits. You could wake up and read that any of 50 different constituents are to blame for the 40 year+ drought depending on the day and what Damien had for breakfast.

Do the Leafs suck because of:

  • Their rabid fans that don't give up on the team/expect too much from the players/boo poor play/are loyal to a fault?
  • The players that underperform/aren't good to begin with/can't handle criticism?
  • The coach that can't coach/has never won/has never had a good team?
  • The GM that is clueless/inexperienced/trying his best despite being handcuffed by the board?
  • The ownership that gives the team all of the money that it asks for and stands back from personnel decisions except when hiring GMs or deciding whether to then undermine them by hiring a senior adviser?

The way he moves from position to position it's as if he never reads anything that he's written in the past. Good thing that Kim Jorn and Godd Till are around to keep him honest.