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A Pile of Leafs' Thoughts

Editor's Note: The 2007-2008 season is upon us and all of the teams enter tonight with a clean slate (except for the Ducks and Kings who got a head start in London). Part of my goal on this site is to highlight some of the great writing available about God's Team (God clearly plays things fairly). With that goal in mind here is a season preview by Ninja of the Raking Leafs.

- Good bye Fred and Barney.  Hello Woz'n'Gill?  Could the Leafs finally have a shut down pairing to speak of?  Let's hope so.

- "Goaltending tandem" is not a dirty phrase.  It is better for the team to have two goaltenders capable of backstopping a win.  Why?  The goaltender will be well rested.  And it removes the skaters' mental excuse of not playing in front of the teams' starter.  If the skaters can be confident no matter who is in net, then the skaters will help the goalies out, which is how to be successful.

- Will JFJ pull off a good mid season trade by moving a defender and at least restocking the draft pick cupboard?  I'm thinking Ian White here Editor's Note: From your keyboard to JFJ's ears.  Maybe to New Jersey, to pick a random PP QB starved club.  And will Stralman's play be the catalyst for the move?  And will JFJ keep his job as a result?

- Can the Leafs' avoid another rash of season-killing injuries, and if not will anyone be held accountable?  Wellwood's case is indicative of a larger problem.

- Is the powerplay still in the players' hands, as was the case to start the 06-07 season, or have the reins been taken back by Maurice?  The powerplay stalled last year, and the starter motor is on the shelf already.  Some new thinking needs to be injected into this important piece of the puzzle.

- Will the penalty kill improve?  It better.  Perhaps some old school defensive forward can come on board and help in that regard.  Also, more and more teams are using their star players to kill penalties to good effect.

- Kubina will prove critics wrong.  Stajan will prove critics wrong. Editor's Note: I knew I wasn't the only one who thinks these two will have good seasons.

- Sundin will be around for another year, if Damien Cox doesn't run him off first.