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[Recap] Game 2/82: Toronto Maple Leafs v. ottawa senators

I actually missed the first 57 minutes of the game so I'll defer to Ninja.

The most pressing question facing the Leafs:

When Bell debuts, where does he fit? Does he bump Pohl down to L4, and skate with Kilger and Boyd? Bates-Pohl-Tucker is a very decent L4. Or is B3 a possibility?

I am not entirely sure of the answer. As Ninja notes, the forwards have looked really good. If these units continue unchanged which ones do you break up to insert first Bell and then Wellwood?

While I was busy watching MLSE's other team break a 12 game winless streak as Toronto FC held on for a 2-1 win over New York Red Bulls I did manage to see the last 3 minutes of the third. My main concern is that the dump-ins were absolutely terrible. The timing was off as the puck frequently whipped around the boards and was almost at the blue line before any pressure was met by the senators' defencemen. Considering how much they hate physical contact (except that nut Redden) that is unacceptable. Hopefully that will improve with practice as the lines coalesce.

However, this site isn't meant to be one person dictating to the rest and I'd love to see a review from someone that saw the entire game so set up an account and write a recap with your impressions of the game.