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[Recap] Game 4/82: Toronto Maple Leafs v. Carolina Hurricanes

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Wow. Just got back from the game and that's the only thing I have to say. What an absolute clusterf*ck. For most of the second half of the game it looked like a bad shinny game. Terrible line changes, pucks bouncing all over the ice, misplaced passes, and numerous odd man rushes marked the game. At times it looked like the Harlem Globetrotters toying with the Washington Generals.

A couple of Marlies were signing autographs in the fan zone before the game started and the Leafs would have been better off with them playing. In the third period, instead of coming out and blitzing the Canes they sat back and took more stupid penalties. This is the third worst game I have ever seen live and that's only because I don't have any friends that are Canes fans. Thank God for small miracles. I also remember why I hate Wozniewski.

Memo to Maurice: I know it's tough to bench 22 players but stop giving Tucker ice-time if he stinks.

Anyway, more thoughts and pictures tomorrow.

Morning After Update:

I woke up this morning hoping that last night's game was a horrible nightmare but nope, it's just one more debacle in a long lifetime of similar debacles. Our provincial friends are certainly enjoying themselves.

It all started so well too. Sundin picked up an assist on the opening goal to tie Sittler for points. The night was set up for him to break two records with one shot. Of course, the Leafs had other ideas. Despite being in the game after one period the Leafs basically shut down mentally. I can't even decide what the more glaring error was on the night. Was it Devereaux skating away from Whitney before he scored the 4th? Or was it the constant running around on the PK that led to FOUR powerplay goals against? Or was it Bryan Fucking McCabe skating into the net while trying to round it? No, seriously, if you missed the highlights everything in red was dominating the Leafs last night.

A special shout out to the bellicose crowd. I have never heard such venom so early in the season. They booed the team off the ice after a decent first period. Little did they know that it would get much much worse. It stands in stark contrast to the Toronto FC crowd that chanted and supported the team during their record-setting goal scoring drought. I guess 40 years of futility will do that to you.

And as Bitter reminds us: it won't get any better. The bright side, it's better for the team to realize that they can't win without giving 100% now rather than in 40 games when the situation is too dire. However, if they hit the snooze as often as I do then this won't be the only wakeup call they need.

Anyway, here's the night in pictures:

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I am shocked to see the lower bowl so empty in the third period.

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It was lonely in our section by 5-1.

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Rare photographical evidence of the Leafs in the Hurricanes zone during the 3rd period.

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Last night in a nutshell.

The Other Side Of The Ice

Ray Whitney's goal, which made it 4-1, epitomized the Leafs play. They had turned aside a Canes scoring chance, and the puck was going the other way. A neutral zone turnover later, the Leafs players were all still going the other way and Whitney was allowed to waltz in unmolested. As the crappy Versus commentators said, it looked like they were out for a Sunday skate. Meanwhile, Whitney didn't miss his mark. That was 17:23 of the second. After that, the Leafs were done. They simply folded.

It’s amazing how when players skate hard and win battles, good things usually happen!