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[Recap] Leafs 3 v. Habs 4 OT: Same Old Story

Just got back from the game and needless to say I am not and never will be a card carrying member of the Bryan 'Handlebars' McCabe fan club.

Of all the players to allow to score the game winning goal it makes me sick to think that Mike Komisarek got it. He spent the entire game, as he wont to do in these matchups, hiding behind linesmen, being chippy after the whistle, and going after little guys. He ran Tucker and tried to intimidate Tlusty but when Bell and Antropov stepped up he pulled the classic Chris Neil glide away under linesmen supervision.

Other thoughts:

  • Nice to see Welly get a pair. The PP is on the verge of busting out with his presence and vision.
  • Bell picks up his first point as a Leafs and continues to man up against the opposition's supposed tough guys. 
  • As has become the norm in this series the Leafs completely dominated except for a few brain cramps - on which Montreal pounced - and the Habs' goalie plays just well enough to steal at least one point. 
  • JFJ - Tlusty is a player. He has great wheels, is tough along the boards, doesn't back down from cheap goons, and his setup on Welly's first was a thing of beauty. You have a winner. You don't need Woz around making it look like Tlusty was a fluke.
  • I saw a Habs fan refer to Andrei Markov and Mike Komisarek as future Norris candidates. McCabe will win one before those two. Tonight, Andrei was christened the Knockov Markov since he isn't even as good as former Leaf Danny. Way to pick up four penalties. 
  • Somewhere between the end of the game and the writing of recaps by Habs fans this game will become a dominant performance by the Habs. When you read it just laugh and remember that there are five more games for the Leafs to reinforce their superiority.
  • Bouillon is a dirty player. Nice hit from behind. He's another Habs defenceman that loves to get tough after the linesman has his opponent tied up. 
  • Concentration is key for the Leafs. If they can deal better with the inevitable breakdowns then this team has a lot of potential. Take out the aberration against the sens and the Leafs only have 12 goals allowed in the last five games.
  • I'll have more tomorrow and most of it will be excorciating McCabe for the pee-wee error but the Leafs can at least take a lot of positives out of the game. Habs fans should be worried about how easily the Leafs handle their pansy team for about 98% of the game.


Who was the Leafs Player of the Game?

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  • 59%
    Kyle Wellwood (2 goals)
    (13 votes)
  • 4%
    Ian White (2 assists)
    (1 vote)
  • 13%
    Andrei "Knockov" Markov (4 minor penalties)
    (3 votes)
  • 22%
    Bryan McCabe (assist on the game winner
    (5 votes)
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