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Games 11-20: Equivalent Fixtures and Upcoming Games

The explanation can be found in the right sidebar. It will help explain how the equivalent fixture comparison is done and how the rotating schedule is handled.

Here are the numbers for games 11-20:

The Leafs have actually done better than they should have considering the PythagenPuck analysis on their goals for/against shows that they should have about a .398 winning percentage. Again, the Leafs' penalty kill is much better than in previous years but the powerplay is letting the team down.

Here's a look at the Leafs next ten games (two of which have been played) and a reminder of what they have done in the past two years. Last year the Leafs were rounding into form during games 11-20 and most fans forget just how good the team was before an injury to Andrew Raycroft around this time last year derailed his strong start. It also didn't help that the Leafs ran into the Bruins three times in the next stretch of 10 games which coincided with one of Tim Thomas' trademark hot streaks.

The Leafs' downfall these past two seasons is that they have fallen into at least one large slump. Last year they had one to close out November and open December and then another one after New Year's. These next ten games are a good opportunity for the Leafs to get back on track with their previous pace. Yes, at the end of the last two years that pace meant that the Leafs had missed the playoffs but it included some depressing slumps. These 10 games also include 5 against teams that will be battling the Leafs for a playoff spot.

What are your predictions for this block of 10 games? I think the Leafs can get 5 wins out of the 8 left to end up 6-4. 12 points out of 20 should be a minimum target.