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5 Questions With Four Habs Fans

It's game day so it's time for another installment of 5 Questions. A couple of the guys from  Four Habs Fans are making a third appearance in the feature. The game coincides with the Leafs imminent collision with an organizational shakeup and the Habs' crashing down to earth after yet another false dawn. Needless to say, both teams need this game. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. Anyway, without further ado:

1. How did it feel to wake up and see Guy LaFleur's "four fourth lines" crack? How does it feel that he doesn't share most Habs fans feelings that this team is building towards something special and has a bright future?

Panger76:Lafleur is no Beliveau, people don't always listen when Guy talks. It was a flippant remark and hopefully all it does is light a fire under the players. At least he didn't say our GM is incompetent. [Ed.'s Note: And here I thought that saying your team has four 4th lines was an indictment of the GM's job.]

HF10: Guy told his future wife she had to lose ten pounds before he would date her.  Whatever.

2. How much are you enjoying the circus surrounding the Leafs and how often are you e-mailing your Leaf fan friends?

Panger76:Actually it's worrisome because they might fire JFJ and hire someone competent. [Ed.'s Note: From your keyboard to the hockey gods' ears.]

HF10: Don't insult the circus.  

3. If you could pick a new GM for the Leafs who would it be? Now if you could pick one that would make them successful who would you go after?

Panger76: I'd pick Rejean Houle. But if you wanted someone good, I'd say follow the Raptors lead and find someone like Scotty Bowman or Lou Lamoriello, back a truck full of pension plan money up to their front door, and hand them the keys to the Kingdom i.e. total control over all hockey operations. Fortunately for Leafs bashers, Richard Peddie's ego won't allow that. [Ed.'s Note: Don't forget Tanenbaum's ego.]

HF10: They have the right man already.  

4. Speaking of replacing parts that are not working, the Habs have the same flaws as last year (weak 5 on 5, strong special teams) and the hot start has once again cooled off. Any thoughts that maybe Carbonneau isn't the coach to get the Habs over the hump and into the playoffs?

Panger76:While I must reluctantly agree with the first part of your assessment at this point, I'm not sure Carbo is to blame. Isn't special teams play a better indication of good coaching than 5-on-5? [Ed.'s Note: But you're saying I am right ;) If Carbo even coaches the special teams. I'd argue that making your team good at 60% of the game is more important than specializing in 15%.] Plus, it's not only under Carbo that the Habs have had donut seasons i.e. good start and finish, nothing happening in the middle.

HF10: Sure.  Or not.  Whatever. [Ed.'s Note: Un p'tit peut de malaise?]

5. Predictions for this Titanic battle of two teams firmly set towards plunging down the standings?

Panger76: No way. Not this time. Both have outside motivation and we'll see how each team responds. Here is an easy one, though: if Montreal dominates, JFJ is gone.

HF10: I'll be angry at some point.  Leaf fans will be insufferable tomorrow whatever the result. [Ed.'s Note: Luckily I don't know many Habs fans.] Business as usual.