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PythagoreanPuck II: New and Improved!

This is the second example of the PythagoreanPuck standings. The first can be found here. I had to break it up into a couple of tables because it got too wide. After swapping some e-mails with Gabriel Desjardins from Behind The Net I adjusted the Goals For and Goals Against figures to account for overtime and shootouts.

The table below shows the goals figures including the shootout goals and any scored in overtime. The adjusted figure subtracts those goals because the extra period causes deviation from PythagoreanPuck because more than 2 points are awarded in the game. Got that? Good.

The Leafs' 1-6 record in extra sessions including 0-3 in everyone's favourite Bettman gimmick is hurting the Leafs. The indication that they are outperforming their PythPuck figure is a function of a few blowout losses.

The Thrashers 5-0 record in overtime and shootouts hides the fact that they have actually been much worse than their record indicates.

The Islanders are another team that has been overachieving and one can only hope that they'll come down to earth and pass the Leafs on their way down.

Surprisingly, the Habs are about where they should be based on their goal differential. It's a shock mostly because their team is not good.

In the West, the Avalanche are the biggest overachievers and it's still only landed them in second place! The Oilers are 6-1 in OT/SO so imagine how terrible their record would be if it wasn't for Sam Gagner's shootout expertise. Maybe a shootout specialist for the Leafs (7-17 all-time) isn't such a bad idea?

Anyway, let me know what you think of these stats and if you notice anything interesting be sure to mention it in the comments. Tomorrow I'll be at the Leafs' open practice and I am sure Peddie wishes that he could re-schedule it for a more opportune time. Or at least he will once my friends and I show up with enormous pink slips for him and JFJ.