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The Wishlist - To: Junior From: Santa

The Wishlist will show up at random times before Christmas. I'll highlight things that I come across that might make appropriate Christmas gifts for different members of the Toronto Maple Leafs. If you find anything appropriate feel free to send me a link.

First up is The Boss: John Ferguson, Jr.

One of the common complaints about JFJ's tenure as GM (among many) is that MLSE hired him to learn on the job rather than hiring a proven GM. What if there was some way of training him without having to actually hand him the reins? Pilots spend hours in simulators before they are giving the keys to vehicles that cost millions of dollars.

If only there was something similar for budding GMs...But wait, how will Richard Peddie and Larry Tanenbaum ever find a copy of the game? Oh, how convenient, they sell it! Forget the gift basket boys and stick one of these under JFJ's tree this Saturnalia.

Glove tap to Andy at The Battle of Alberta for the find and I would love to re-iterate the desire for this game (Hint Mom) whether as a gift (Take note Dad) or as a sample (Ian Hanomansing my e-mail is in the sidebar).