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Contest Time!

Previously, I announced that there would be some contests and then I fell ass-backward into some prizes but then I didn't have any details. Well here are the details for the first contest which will be for this sylish poster:

It would look great in your dorm room or in your den or in your office cubicle so that people know that you like to suffer/cheer for the Leafs.

In the spirit of the holiday season the contest will be Festivus-themed. The Leafs are not the Red Wings and my friend suggests to me daily that I am not nearly as hard on the team as I should be therefore a contest that increases the scorn poured upon the team is needed. Thankfully Festivus includes the Airing of Grievances.

What you need to do to enter the contest is to set up an account and write a diary entry about one player in which you air your grievances about their play this season as well as any feats of strength that they could perform that would see them recover in your eyes. I'll choose 3-5 of the best and then we can all vote on who wins. The real Festivus is celebrated whenever the hell you want (technically December 23rd) so the contests closing date will be December 31, 2007 and then that week we'll vote on the winners. Have fun with it, enter as often as you want, no swearing, and don't all pick Andy Wozniewski.

Thanks to Wall Daddy for providing the prizes.