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Leafs 1 at Lightning 2: The Christmas Spirit

Prior to the Leafs' game in Montreal HF10 wrote this ridiculous screed about MLSE only donating a signed picture of Joey Graham to a charity. Forget for a second that Joey Graham is a future NBA superstar and that that picture will be worth some serious coin in the future. Forget that TFC, Raptors, and Leafs are omnipresent throughout the city, and really the region, at charity events. Forget that MLSE probably outstrips the Canadiens in charity work. Update: Turns out that the Leafs Fund alone donates over $1 million a year. But how can you say that the MLSE isn't charitable when the Leafs consistently give young up and comers in the NHL their first goals or victories. Seriously, the history of the NHL is littered with 'firsts' that have come against the Leafs.

Last night was no different. Facing Karri Ramo the Leafs were stymied and looked to be going towards overtime but they quickly realized that there was the chance of a fluke goal stealing the win from Ramo so they conspired to give up a late goal. Literally 40 seconds after Greg Millen had activated the plan by saying (paraphrased) "All the Leafs have to do is not allow a goal here in the last 90 seconds so that they'll end up with a point." In your face Millen.

First Kubina used a composite stick (and if I am Paul Maurice I am banning those shitsticks ASAP. One broke on a penalty kill dump-in right in the middle of the stick.) that predictably broke as he was trying to shoot on net. Kaberle did a good job of breaking up a 2-on-1 and Blake did a great job of hustling to get back to take away the pass. Sadly, both were far too satisfied with the initial outcome and managed to bobble the puck twice with it ending up on Martin St. Louis' stick. He passed it quickly to Lecavalier who was, of course, being covered by a stickless Pavel Kubina. Goal. Norte and I knew shit was about happen and were proven correct.

While there was some continued goodness from Gill, Kubina, and White (which is saying a lot because I hate him but he's been really good during this last stretch), the Stajan line, and the PK Norte summarises the bad pretty well:

Negatively. Where the hell is Darcy? I was surprised to hear his name called late in the second as I didn't know he was even playing. And is it just me or does Wellwood look like he is holding onto the puck too long? I wont rag on Blake...cos he has cancer.
But the PP? Suffice it to burns when they PP.

SPG winners were: Shot - Kubina, Penalty - Sir Herpes Make-A-Wish, and Goal - Stajan.