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Fact or Fiction?

The official unveiling of the Leafs' new jersey will take place in two weeks on September 13th. So far the new Reebok updates have ranged from the classic to the garish to the utterly confused.

The Original Six jerseys have been dealt with pretty well thus far by Reebok so that gives me some hope that the famous Maple Leaf will survive intact. However, since the designs have been kept under wraps it is a prime topic for speculation.

The Muppet found some interesting concept designs that harken back to different periods in the club's history. Although, as someone that remembers the 80s as a youthful haze I am not sure that we want any more reminders of that decade than necessary.

Howard Berger has a HockeyBuzz scoop (take that with a grain of salt) on what to expect:

"Exact same shirt as last year, minus, TML shoulder patches, bottom stripes are gone, (sleeves stripes remain). Silver twill is gone. Number font is the same as last year, block style, basically Marlies lettering -- blue, white blue, and white blue white. Names remain one colour as per last year. Very, very plain."

I found the following pictures on, of all places, a Toronto FC message board that belongs to the Red Patch Boys.


The placement of the NHL shield and the actual Maple Leaf are consistent with the jersey but God help me if the Leafs follow the Buffaslugs awful lead and put numbers on the front of their jerseys. For all I know (and hope) that picture is a wonderfully made fake (sort of like the CBC rendition) but it should make for an interesting announcement before the opening of training camp.