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Depth Never Hurt Anyone

The Toronto Star noted yesterday that Tony Salmelainen, formerly of the Oilers and Blackhawks and recently bought out by the Canadiens after the Samsonov trade, was in Toronto negotiating with the Leafs.

Rumours abound (guess where) that this deal has been completed and Lowetide has a good look at his even-strength scoring rate from last year. He is only 5'9" but he was the Finnish Elite League's top scorer and player during the 2005-2006 season which is saying a lot considering the goalie factory that they have up there in the land of booze and snow.

At this point he will be fighting for a spot on the fourth line with the Leafs but it will be good for the forwards outside of the top 6 to have a lot of quality opposition during training camp.

Update: It's a one year, two-way deal for the speedy Finn.