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New Leaf Jersey Coming

In about 17 hours the Leafs will be revealing their take on the new Reebok jersey template. There have been some rumours of what the jersey might look like but the roll out of the Red Wings', Habs', Bruins', and Rangers' seems to indicate that the Original Six teams will not be subject to the horrors of some other teams (cough, Vancouver).

The NHL Tournament of Logos has some concept jerseys for both Leaf fans and our friends at Mile High Hockey before the big day. I think that MLSE will want to keep changes minimal. The closest they might come to doing something revolutionary would be to include some aspects from historical jerseys so take a look at Mike Ulmer's Evolution of the Maple Leaf for ideas.

Of course, new jerseys means more marketing opportunities and here was what the Leafs Insiders were sent:

[Recipient],be among the first to sport the new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Buy NOW* and receive free shipping. Be one of the first 45 people to purchase and you and a guest will be invited to the exclusive Leafs Jersey Launch Event** on September 12th, 2007 at Air Canada Centre! Join media, Leafs and Marlies personalities and more as we unveil the new Toronto Maple Leafs RbK EDGE Uniform.  

Click here to fill out your order form and fax it back directly to CentreSports***.

Thanks for being a fan,
Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club

What's the first asterisk mean? Oh, you just have to spend at least $140 in order to qualify to attend the unveiling. Thanks for being a fan indeed!

As for me, I'll just wait for 3pm. Check back for pictures and reaction or post your own in the diaries.