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Ready To Rumble?

Well, it looks like the Mark Bell suspension is not set in stone. Mirtle has a statement up from the NHLPA and it includes what can only be called fightin' words:

"We are currently reviewing all of our legal options with respect to this matter."

This case has already spun from disaster (jail) to inconvenience (off-season jail time) to pain in the ass (15 game suspension) to possibly the first battleground of the current collective bargaining agreement.

It will be interesting to see how vigorously the players union will fight against the possibility of secondary discipline from the league. Dany Heatley, Ian White, and Jay Bouwmeester were left to the justice meted out by civilian courts. Meanwhile, Mark Bell was the victim of Gary Bettman's attempt to level Roger Goodell-like heavy handed punishment.

This story could have quite the effect on the next CBA.