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First Step to Glory

The Leafs take their first step to becoming 2007-2008 Stanley Cup champions today with the first practice of training camp. Some might scoff at that assertion but when Maurice said that the Leafs would be in a dogfight to make the playoffs he was right so in terms of predictions he is 1 for 1. If he is right on this one he'll be saving his job and JFJs.

Yesterday the players went through the usual battery of tests to ensure that none spent the summer the same way that most of us did (in the sun, on a deck, with a cooler of adult beverages).

Today the fight for spots starts. While there might not be too much fighting for roster spots there will certainly be a lot of battles for moving up the depth chart. I'll look at some of them in-depth this weekend but for now here is the roster for training camp. A notable absence from that list is SuperSwede Anton Stralman. I didn't expect him to make the team but I did think he'd be at camp.