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Oh Brother

As if losing to the Coyotes was not bad enough (it's pre-season so it does not matter) Kyle Wellwood could require surgery on the same hernia problem that sidelined him for 33 games last year.

At the time of his injury last season he was averaging over a point a game and Maurice had him pencilled in as the 2nd line centre this season.

If Wellwood is lost to the Leafs then one of his fellow young guns (Steen or Stajan) will have to step up and fill the void. Both have looked good thus far in the pre-season but they will have five games to learn to cope with Wellwood's absence.

Kyle Wellwood, especially against teams like Boston, represents the special something that can break down defences when they enter Everton (ie everyone behind the puck) territory. He has the hands and creativity that the Leafs lacked in the second half of the season.

After being among the league leaders in man-games lost last year hopefully the Leafs will be able to adjust and which ever player is slotted in can step up for at least a few weeks.

Glad to see that the Leafs are getting the breaks so early in the season...