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Game Recap: Simmer Down

Leafs' coach Paul Maurice had a simple message for fans today after the Leafs' got waxed by the Sabres 7-2 last night: relax.

I had the pleasure of attending the game last night in the company of former Leaf Bob McGill. Actually, he was just sitting behind my friend and I. Not surprisingly, he was not around for the third period although I assume his LeafsTV duties pulled him away.

Hollywood came calling last night as they asked me to lend my voice to Mike Myers' latest film. Granted they asked everyone in the ACC but I think I did a better job than most especially those that cheered a goal even though it was a clear miss. No puck or not.

Sadly, those two incidents provided the only highlights of the game. Here are some not-as-lowlights:

  • Kilger scored about 10 seconds after my friend and I made cracks about his stone hands. Way to shut us up!
  • Kris Newbury played a great physical game including dumping a Sabres defenceman when he was looking up at a lofted puck.
  • Kronwall and Stralman were basically invisible which in a 7-2 games means that they weren't glaringly at fault for any of the goals.
  • Kubina looked good pinching in and using his shot. Maybe he'll put up some more points this season which will go a long way towards silencing critics of his salary.
  • Ed Belfour also got booed in his first few outings and went on to have two amazing seasons with the Buds. Going into the third Vesa had only really been at fault for one goal but it was good to see him show unity with his teammates in the last stanza. Unfortunately, he did that by letting in two bad goals.
  • Jiri Tlusty, despite going long stretches without playing and being shifted into every possible trio, showed a great burst of speed to beat his defender before sliding a perfect pass to John Pohl just prior to Kilger's goal.

Anyway, two more games to play as the Leafs move closer to the start of the regular season. There are a few tough decisions for Maurice to make especially on defence but let's just call last night a mulligan.