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Blowing It Up: Contest Time!

So Shoalts is reporting that the JFJ countdown can begin. Time for contest numero dos here at Pension Plan Puppets. I am going to write more about JFJ's tenure soon but in case he manages to finally get canned before I get a chance I wanted to get the JFJ Death Pool going. MF37 sums up his 'reign' perfectly:

How JFJ survived this long is one of the deepest darkest mysteries of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His reign of error is right up there with Jonus Hoglund on the first line, drafting thee players from the 1989 Belleville Bulls and why (despite the use of flip charts, sock puppets and singing-dancing animitronic defencemen) Wozniewski still can't figure out that it's a minor penalty to shoot the puck over the glass in the defensive zone.

The prize for this one once again comes courtesy of our friends at Wall Daddy. This installment's prize will be a poster that depicts the good and the bad of JFJ's time as GM of the Leafs.

The rules are as follows:
  1. One guess per commenter with a date and time of the announcement of JFJ's firing. I'll use the time and date that the story is confirmed on to decide the winner.
  1. The correct date wins the poster. Tie breakers will go by period of the day (ie before noon/after noon) then by the hour that the story is posted and if things are still tied then the minute. If it's still tied then it'll go to the seconds.
  1. You can make extra guesses if you write a diary (I swear the name is changing soon) post about any Leafs-related topic. Here are some tips and guidelines. It's one guess per diary and the quality of the diary matters. Keep in mind the diaries that I have promoted.