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Blowing It Up: A Ray Of Light?

Well, it looks like JFJ's shabby treatment at the hands of the Leafs will move one step closer to ending. Whether the interim solution will be Cliff Fletcher will, according to Bob McKenzie, be resolved one way or another.

So while this isn't the big move that needs to be completed (Peddie and the board need to be removed from any hockey making decisions) but it is a step in the right direction. JFJ was never going to get a contract extension so it hardly makes sense for him to be in charge of yet another trade deadline. As long as Fletcher has a clear mandate to clear out deadwood and accumulate prospects, picks, and young players then this move will hopefully be one day seen as the moment when the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan recognized that winning in the best way to make money and that they and their minions know SFA about hockey.

But as Bob says:

At least that is the logical version of how this should play out, but then logic and MLSE often make strange bedfellows.

Remember to get your guesses in for the JFJ Firing Pool before it's too late!