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A Clarification

When the Eastern Conference All-Stars were announced last Friday at noon our beloved Mats Sundin was disappointingly left out.

In their Quebec-based lawyerly desire to get offended some people read their own biases into the comment which turned it from "Man, as if getting beat up by your own team isn't enough now Leaf fans have to see The Captain get snubbed in the midst of one of his best seasons as a Leaf" to "The NHL is behind all of our suffering as Leafs. They hired JFJ, they gave out terrible contracts, they made terrible trades."

Just to clarify, while some might feel eternally persecuted Leaf fans recognize that the problems lie within the organization and are not the work of some NHL head office-backed conspiracy. After all, they rent space out next door to the ACC. Well, except for the Western Conference Finals in 1993. That was as legitimate at the 1919 World Series. Enjoy your 1993 Stanley Cup gift Montreal. Be sure to send Kerry Fraser a thank you note this spring!