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[Open Thread] Toronto Maple Leafs v. Boston Bruins

I think I have finally cracked the Make-A-Wish mystery. It wasn't compromising photos of JFJ, Paul Maurice, or Dick Peddie that kept him in the lineup! It was a McDonald's contest. This picture was dropped into my e-mail with the accompanying text:

Ever dream of being part of the starting line up with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Enter now for your chance to win the honour of joining the Toronto Maple Leafs starting line up!

McDonald's is the proud Hamburger Sponsor of the Toronto Maple Leafs. What is your pre-game meal?

I would hope it's not some greasy disgusting fast food but the way that the Leafs play third periods I am guessing that it's their intermission meal too.

[Update: Consider this the game day thread since a battle is raging in my stomach and I can't write anymore. Just put your SPG Guesses in here and maybe list a reason or two why the Leafs will get smoked to reassure ourselves.