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[Recap] Leafs 1 v. Rangers 6: 10% Effort

A lacklustre effort by the Leafs and horrific officiating conspired to get the Leafs blownout in their first home game after the seven game road trip. It's not so much that the Leafs were penalized, since they usually deserved it (but seriously, 3 minutes of 5 on 3? I didn't know that Donaghy worked hockey games), but that similar fouls by the Rangers were ignored especially when committed on the big three of Poni, Antro, and Mats.

The game was bad enough to make Norte (nice to see some Spanish) feel sorry for Andrew Raycroft. However, a quick look at one of Gabe Desjardins' latest posts shows that Mr. Andrew Raycroft is much worse than even I imagined. Basically, Gabe figured out the probability of scoring from any 2X2 foot quadrant and then came up with expected GAA and Sv% for each goalie with a minimum of 300 minutes.

.918 Sv% 2.36 GAA - Those are the numbers, as of December 23rd, that Raycroft should have been expected to post based on the shots that he has faced.

.885 Sv% 3.30 GAA - Those are the numbers, as of December 23rd, that Raycroft has posted giving him the largest gap between expected and actual GAA. One might say the gap is as large as the one found over his glove hand.

As the Lightning game showed the Andrew Raycroft experiment is over. All that is left is for the waiving to the Marlies and the inevitable Hall of Fame career of Tuukka Rask.