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[Open Thread] Toronto Maple Leafs v. New Jersey Devils

The Leafs wrap up the road portion of their season series with the Devils this afternoon/early evening (what's the deal with 5pm stars?). The last meeting at The Rock produced a frustrating loss that came despite a good effort. It was the kind of game that I was hoping to see in any of the past three games but the Leafs insist on continuing to win and they have managed to move one spot up in the standings. They could move one more away from the top pick if they win again today. Thankfully, the last time the Leafs played a Sunday at 5pm the Coyotes killed them so maybe Brodeur and company can do the Leafs a favour and beat them.

Anyway, make your SPG guesses and try to brainstorm some ideas for why the Devils should beat the Leafs. If they continue to screw with the plan then it might be time to get back to thinking of who they could beat in the first round (ottawa) and no one wants that...