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Name This Feature

So I figured that I would follow in the great Deadspin's footsteps and provide a round-up of articles to read in the morning with a little commentary.

I'll leave the comments open for name suggestions. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts or write your own e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them. Anyway, here is today's installment:

  • Ken Berard at Japers' Rink was impressed with the Leafs' team defence. I am not sure "stand around and watch the Capitals zoom around unfettered" is a defensive system.

  • The Peerless Prognosticator laments the lost opportunity.

  • Allan Maki thinks that the Toronto President and GM jobs sound pretty good. Who wouldn't want a crack at immortality?

  • David Shoalts has a look at Gordon Kirke and his background. Turns out he might be in place to get Peddie and Tanenbaum to stop their hair pulling and scratching and agree on the next President and GM.

  • Here's my recap of last night's game. Poni is out thanks to a dirty hit from Eminger and it'll be interesting to see if the super-soft Leafs do anything about it. My money is on no.

  • Via Mirtle and Howard Berger here is a clip of the press conference that announced Fletcher's hiring. Watch at around the 4:40 mark when Cliff begins his speech and tell me what you see. It will likely give you nightmares but maybe it's just a coincidence. Right?